Citations now enforced on drivers using mobile devices while driving

Please take extra time to travel. Traffic will be dense as more and more people travel. Also, please avoid any distraction while driving. A text message, tweet, facebook post or instagram picture can wait. If it must be done at that exact moment, please pull off the road in a safe area to answer the text or post the message. We sincerely want everyone to travel safely! We love meeting new people, but not because we have to respond to an emergency!


Have you ever passed the scene of an accident or seen a commercial on TV and thought "I wish I could help"? You CAN! County Line Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for bright, new faces to be a part of our family! Join us the first and third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. to submit your application. 



Please move away from emergency scenes. Click here to see the law if you 

have any questions. All of our volunteers have families that we would like to 

safely return home to. Thank you!


We are selling reflective 911 address signs for $15 a piece. If you would like to purchase a sign, stop by the station, see a member of the department, or email We appreciate your support!



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